Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Episode 15: Moonshot - 4/18/67

The Florida Keys - two astronauts, on pass, marlin fishing. Eight days before the launching of the United States' first moon shot.

Two astronauts I'll be calling Gilligan and Skipper are working on their disabled boat as two guys begin flying their helicopter over it. The pilot nods to his companion and a smoky red gas is dropped from the copter onto the boat, as a beachcomber observes from the beach.

Gilligan looks out the window obscured by red haze and complains about the fog, while the Skipper calls for a mechanic, saying he doesn't want to get caught in the fog. For some unknown reason, Gilligan decides to open the window and allow the red fog in while making crazy faces in its fiery glow, while the person the Skipper is in contact with over the radio says there's been no fog reported.

He sees his shipmate contorting and goes over to find out what's up and begins contorting himself. He drags himself back to the radio and communicates that it's not fog, it's red, and he can't breathe. He passes out as the voice on the radio repeatedly calls for Major Banks.


Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
as Sgt. Gavin Lewis

as Angela Smith

as Cmdr Hardy Smith

as Stan Arthur

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Episode 14: Panic - 4/11/67

A truck is ambling along a country road when some kid suddenly runs out in front of it, holding up his arms to stop it. He is panicked, saying his mother's had an accident back at the house and he's got to get to town to a doctor. The driver says it's against company rules. The young lad exclaims, "In the name of God, PLEASE!" to which he immediately responds, "Okay, pile in," with a friendly smile.

Two guys pull their car to the side of the road and scrutinize the cars passing by them. The truck begins to approach, but the kid spots them and pulls on the truck driver's arm to get him to pull over, and he sneaks out of the truck. The two guys see it and begin to follow the kid down the hill.

The truck is weaving in the road. The truck driver's buddy asks him what's wrong, but all he says is, "it's where he grabbed me," and clutches his arm. His buddy tries to take the wheel, but they go off the road. A passerby in a truck stops and checks inside the cab. The driver is a bit bluish with some frost about the temples and brow. His buddy notes that he's frozen, despite the fact that it's summer.


Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
Robert Walker as Nick Baxter

Lynn Loring as Madeline Flagg

R.G. Armstrong as Gus Flagg

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Episode 13: Storm - 4/4/67

Three guys in suits are smoking and watching a filmstrip of a hurricane. One of them describes a hurricane that unpredictably hit Miami and killed 26 people, and goes on to show a really weird boat out in the eye of the hurricane. Dr. Gantley asks where it's registered and the man next to him says it's from St. Matthew beach. He remarks that the boat, as well as the town it's from, miraculously survived the hurricane.

The other fellow thinks he's reading too much into it, but Gantley asks how a storm of this kind could happen in February. He calls up Father Corelli and asks him for a ride to St. Matthew beach. He says he'll meet him at the emergency station while the fellow who was questioning him watches him with a sinister expression.

Ambulance and police sirens wail as a body is loaded into an ambulance as a priest watches. Ed Gantley is walking toward him when a palm tree suddenly falls near him, taking down electric poles that crackle and spark like fireworks have been set off. The priest runs over to him to ask if he's okay, and Gantley suggests they meet in a bar next time. The sinister looking fellow steps out of the bushes and adjusts his collar with his pinky up, as he watches the two walk away.


Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
  as Father Joe Corelli 

as Lisa