Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Episode 25: Dark Outpost - 10/24/67

Two ladies are standing near a man on the ground as an ambulance approaches. One of the ladies tells the ambulance driver that his name is Thatcher, and that he stumbled out of his room, made a call, and collapsed. As he's loaded onto the gurney, Thatcher mumbles that he's got to get to Cavanaugh.

As the ambulance speeds Thatcher away with siren blaring, a car drives up alongside, and cuts them off, bringing the ambulance to a stop. Two men get out and say they're from Public Health Service and that they received a call that the man in the ambulance has cholera. When the ambulance driver questions how they know, the man says they are taking him to their hospital in San Francisco to put him in quarantine. When the ambulance driver goes to confirm it on the radio, the man whips out his trusty lighted disc and applies it to the back of his neck. The other man similarly slaps the other EMT with a disc, and with both men down, they remove the patient from the back of the ambulance and load him into their car. The alien in charge instructs the other to wreck the ambulance. 

Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
Andrew Prine as Vern Corbett

Dawn Wells as Eileen Brown

Tim McIntire as Hal

Tom Lowell as Steve

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Episode 24: The Spores - 10/17/67

Shortly before dawn, a spaceship landed near Phillipsburg, Colorado, bringing to Earth a strange and ominous experimental cargo: two dozen spores. After exposure to the Earth's atmosphere, each will develop and grow into a perfectly formed alien. On the success of this experiment rests the possibility of future shipments numbering hundreds, perhaps thousands, of alien Invaders, and possibly the future of the human race.   
Some aliens are transporting their latest cargo in a flower delivery truck, when they come across a police roadblock. The alien driver panics and turns the truck around, causing the police to become suspicious and prompting an officer to pursue them.

While driving at high speed, the alien driver swerves to avoid road hazards and loses control of the truck, causing it to go airborne and flip over on the side of the road. The alien in the passenger seat escapes, and removes the case containing unformed alien spores from the unconscious aliens who had been guarding it, and stashes it under a bush, while he waits near the truck for the approaching officer.

The cop arrives just in time to see the aliens drag themselves out of the truck, glow red and disintegrate.

Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
Gene Hackman as Tom Jessup

Mark Miller as Jack Palay

Patricia Smith as Sally Palay

John Randolph as Police Sgt. Ernie Goldhaver

Wayne Rogers as Police Lt. John Mattson

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Episode 23: The Trial - 10/10/67

Charlie Gilman pops the top on his bottle of pop as he describes to David Vincent how his good looking coworker, Wilk, was injured in an accident that caused a foot long piece of glass to open a large gash on his wrist that did not bleed. David asks why he didn't tell somebody, and he asks how he could tell anyone that the personnel manager may be a space man. David asks where the security office is, and heads in that direction, telling Gilman to keep an eye on Wilk.

Wilk goes inside the building and Gilman follows him. He enters a boiler room and begins to descend a staircase, when Wilk suddenly closes and locks the door, asking what he wants while brandishing a very large wrench. He begins swinging it at Gilman, who dodges the blows.

David Vincent exits the security office with Sgt. Wisnovsky and can't locate Gilman, who is battling Wilk. They approach the boiler room where they can hear a scuffle, but are unable to open the locked door, so they peer in the window to see Gilman hit Wilk in the head with the wrench, knocking him down. Wisnovsky shoots the door handle and as they break in, he tells Gilman to drop the wrench and come up. Gilman says he burned up, and David says it means he was right about Wilk. Sgt. Wisnovsky says it means he's a murderer.

Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
Don Gordon as Charlie Gilman

Russell Johnson as James Bernard

Harold Gould as Allen Slater

Lynda Day as Janet Wilk

Malcolm Atterbury as Judge Simpson

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Episode 22: The Enemy - 10/3/67

A woman drives up to a gate in a jeep, and as she gets out to open the gate, hears the hum of a spacecraft. Looking up, she sees the craft begin to spark and sputter as it descends behind a hill and then explodes dramatically, as huge fireballs rise into the air. She jumps into her jeep and heads toward the scene of the accident.

Amazingly, the ship is still mostly intact, though obviously damaged and glowing pink. One of the aliens begins to drag a metal box labeled "Utah Dept. of Mines" out of the ship and collapses. Another alien in distress emerges from the ship and makes his way over to his buddy with the box, who begins to glow red and disintegrates.

He begins dragging the box away from the ship, and when he's a good distance away, he fires on the ship and vaporizes it.

He opens the box and removes several ampules that he stuffs into the pocket of his standard issue alien jumpsuit. He hears a car drive up and begins to aim his phaser, but just as the woman from the jeep appears, he keels over.

Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
Barbara Barrie as Gale Frazer

Richard Anderson as Blake

Paul Mantee as Deputy Vern Hammond