Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 17: The Condemned - 5/9/67

Mr. Tate is digging through files in a safe while his nervous cohort urges him to hurry. Tate finds the file he's looking for and, as they make for the door, they hear someone jiggling the handle and head for another exit.

They walk down the hall as cool as cucumbers, despite the fact that Tate is not concealing well the file that sticks out from under his coat. They go to the fire exit, but when they see someone coming, head in the other direction. A man sees them and sets off an alarm. Tate stashes the file in some sort of vent, and he and his partner try for another door, but men start emerging from the doors around them and they are forced to fight them off. They get away and lock a steel gate behind them. The pursuers recover and go to unlock the gate.

Tate's buddy, Ed, is freaking out, saying they'll find them no matter where they go, as they make their getaway in a truck. Sure enough, a car pulls up alongside them and runs them off the road. Ed is knocked out with a head injury. A little girl who's playing with her dolly inside her playhouse watches out the window as Tate gets out of the truck and hides in the bushes. Three men get out of the car and the two with ray guns fire on the truck and disintegrate it. The little girl screams and cries for her mommy.


Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
as Morgan Tate

as Carol Tate

as Lewis Dunn

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 16: Wall of Crystal - 5/2/67

A newlywed couple can't wait to get a room and are busy smooching while driving, causing a truck to run off the road and roll over onto its side, as they run into a pole.

They watch as the driver of the truck staggers out and collapses as he glows red and disintegrates. The bride asks her new hubby, Bill, if he saw the guy burn up, but he only wants his new wife to make herself useful and hoof it to the gas station to get help for his broken leg.

They both begin coughing, and as she nears the truck, she falls to the ground. Bill stumbles over to her unresponsive body and sees some odd, shrinking crystals. He covers one with a mound of dirt, clutches his throat and expires.


Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
  as Dr. Robert A. 'Bob' Vincent

as Grace Vincent 

as Taugus

 and Special Guest Star:
as Theodore Booth