Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Invaders are back!

I don't mean to alarm anybody, but I have recently come across possible evidence that The Invaders have returned to Earth and are trying to take over the government. 

The deformed pinky has always been a reliable method of identifying Invaders. As we saw in The Enemy, Invaders begin to melt as they revert to their own form. Perhaps that could explain what is happening in the image below. 

Of course, I am just having a bit of fun. There couldn't really be Invaders posing as high level attorneys who are working with government officials to subvert an election. That's just a huge conspiracy theory worthy of a nut job like David Vincent. Or is it? 

Clearly, this is a sign that I need to buckle down and finish up Season 2 of The Invaders. To the dedicated followers of The Invaders who may have thought I would never emerge from the regeneration tube or had finally begun to glow red and vaporize, I thank you for your patience and dedication. Your comments have been truly appreciated and add value to this blog. I look forward to sharing the rest of the series with you. Episodes will post on Tuesdays, if all goes well. In the meantime, keep an observant eye out for those unbent pinky fingers! 


  1. Watching the Invaders right now on MeTV and decided hey, I'll see if your blog has been updated. Read this post and it literally made me LOL. Thank you kindly

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for checking back. I probably won't get back to regular posting until I finish up my Dark Shadows gig in April, but you've inspired me to buckle down and try to get a post done this week!