Monday, June 11, 2018

Episode 20: The Watchers - 9/19/67

A frantic man parks a company car from The Lodge on an airport runway. A worker tells him he can't park there and the man asks if the Washington flight has left yet and he says it's due now. Another car from The Lodge pulls up, and as two men get out and approach them, he tells the worker that they've taken over The Lodge. He says they look, talk and act like real people, but they're not, and they're going to kill him.

He runs willy-nilly around a truck, and is easily intercepted by one of the men, who holds up an alien mind control crystal and tells him that a plane will be landing momentarily.

He calmly strides out onto the runway in the path of the incoming plane while the worker chases after him. There is a loud thud and the worker winces and turns away, while the two aliens behind him share a pleased look with one another.

Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Star:
  as Margaret Cook

Special Guest Star:
as Paul Cook