Thursday, December 21, 2017

Farewell, Dominic Frontiere

TV would not have been the same without Dominic Frontiere. He left us with many fond memories.

"Dominic Frontiere, Composer of 'The Outer Limits,' 'The Flying Nun,' Dies at 86"


  1. Man, I really wish someone would sort and release the vast library of music that man had accumulated. Some of his later stuff (Washington Behind Closed Doors comes to mind) doesn't appeal to me, but he wrote a prodigious amount for TV earlier on. I am always amazed at the overlaps too... He creatively re-used material all the time.
    There's Outer Limits material in The Rat Patrol and The Invaders and it turns out that the distinctive material in The Outer Limits - "The Hundred Days of the Dragon" was originally written for a Stoney Burke episode you can find on Youtube.
    I imagine the multiple rights/copyright issues of material specific to different shows might be an insurmountable issue but I still have vague hopes of a 10-20 CD set...

  2. Yes, even my highly treasured La La Land boxed set omits several choice parts of otherwise complete suites Frontiere and music editor
    John Elizalde selected for Outer Limits. Worse is that soooo many
    superb suites and cues from DF's library (commissioned by TV producer Quinn Martin)-and accordion tracks from his Columbia Records albums-that he and Elizalde wove into Stoney Burke were
    never issued on CD. And what precious little was is likely out
    of print. AND I do NOT count anything from iTunes with its compressed low-fi sound quality. Let us hope that some very major
    label still has preserved the original master analog mags and
    has 24 bit digitized them expertly. Then there still may be a chance for a new DF boxed set-or maybe even 24 bit downloads. For now at least we have this. And the sound quality's way better than those Outer Limits DVD sets from MGM and Fox.