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Episode 26: Summit Meeting: Part I - 10/31/67

An unchartered island in the Baltic, one hour after dawn. Thor Halvorsen, symbol of the world's dream for peace, keeps a fateful appointment. 
A helicopter lands as three men stand by two limos on the beach. An alien in business attire exits the chopper as two green suited aliens wait by the aircraft. He approaches the three men and confirms the identity of Thor Halvorsen, who introduces Secretary Rosmundson and Vice Chancellor Alquist, acknowledging that his people have been in contact with Alquist.

The alien asks if he was satisfied with the demonstration, and Halvorsen said he was, and asks if he still wants him to offer the substance to the world. The alien affirms that he does, and tells him the only condition is that their presence remain a secret, which Halvorsen agrees to. He asks if he's prepared to go ahead with the plan, and Halvorsen says he will send out invitations to the heads of state that day. The alien states that their business is concluded.

As Halvorsen and Rosmundson walk back to their limo, Alquist hangs back with the alien, who comments that the chauffeurs are witnesses. Alquist tells him that one is theirs and he'll take care of the other one. The limo takes the two men away, and the alien returns to the helicopter. Alquist enters the remaining limo and slaps the chauffeur on the back of the neck with a lighted disc. He dumps his body on the beach and drives away.

Starring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

Guest Stars:
William Windom as Michael Tressider

Eduard Franz as Premier Thor Halvorsen

With Special Guest Star:
Michael Rennie as Vice Chancellor Pierre Alquist

Diana Hyland as Ellie Markham

Written by:
George Eckstein

Directed by:
Don Medford

Act I

A man toils late into the night – a man whose job is only a necessary delay in performing his own self-assigned mission. But that mission – doing battle with the most dangerous enemy in the history of the Earth – may be resumed at any moment.

David Vincent is working on architect plans at a construction site late one night, when a man appears and tells him his friend, Michael Tressider, wants to see him, and he will take him to him. David decides he'd rather run away, and is blocked by another man. He leads both men on a chase through the building under construction, and though he knocks one of the men out, the other catches up to him with a gun. They lead David to a stretch limo where Mike Tressider is waiting.

Vincent reprimands Tressider, who is the largest defense contractor in the country, for acting like a gangster from The Untouchables. He tells him he thinks his phone is being tapped, and Vincent informs him of the availability of public phones. He said he did not want to put him in danger by meeting in a public place, since he was nearly run down by a laundry truck three weeks prior, from a laundry that doesn't exist with a license number that was never issued. He contacted him because he suspects alien involvement, which seems to him more dangerous than a sabotage event from a year ago.

Tressider directs the driver to go, and Vincent notices he's nervous, telling him he appears to have aged ten years. He says he hasn't been able to concentrate since he heard about the radiation. Vincent asks what he's heard, and Tressider tells him that the level of radioactivity on Earth is increasing at such a rate that, if it continues, will make the planet uninhabitable in six months time. Vincent asks if it's a global event, and Tressider says it is with the exception of a small part of Scandinavia where the level has dropped. David notes that that's where there's been a large number of UFO sightings reported.

Tressider tells him he's requested permission from the Pentagon to investigate and wants him to come with him. Vincent asks him what he expects to find, and he says he wants to find proof that the aliens are using the country as a headquarters. David concludes that he also expects to learn the aliens are attempting to destroy the world with radioactivity, and that they'll all be dead in a few months if they don't do something about it.

Halvorsen and Alquist exit a building and discuss getting the United States involved, and question if they can get the Chinese to participate. Their car arrives and Alquist tells the driver to take them to the White House.

David Vincent and Tressider are at the Pentagon where they enter a room and interrupt some hand holding and longing glances between an officer and the secretary. The two break apart, and Tressider tells the secretary he has an appointment with Donald Blaine. She says he's on a call and offers him some coffee. David says he doesn't want any even though she didn't offer him any.

The officer goes to leave and she tells him he forgot his cigarettes. He goes to offer her some with an extended pinky, which does not escape David Vincent's notice. He tells Tressider he'll see him at the hotel and goes after the pinky impaired officer.

The general calls Tressider into his office and then makes him sit in a chair and wait while he shuffles papers. He then looks up and tells him the answer is no. Tressider reminds him he said it wouldn't be a problem a few weeks prior, but Gen. Blaine says someone at the State Department changed their mind. Tressider asks the reason for the sudden change, and he informs him that Halvorsen had a meeting with the President and invited him to a conference. He says that Halvorsen is having a news conference that afternoon. Tressider thanks him and goes to leave. Blaine asks if he wants to tell him what he's after, but he says he doesn't want to scare him out of his corner.

David Vincent follows the alien disguised as an officer to a hippie gallery where sitar music is playing and a hip young couple is getting cozy.

Vincent spots the officer and Alquist meeting, who see him approach and take off down an alley.

Tressider is staring at a colorful, spinning crystal while an alien tells him that David Vincent is his enemy, and that he must kill him. He gives him a gun and Tressider repeats the instructions to kill him. Tressider goes in to the hotel and the aliens leave.

David Vincent enters the hotel lobby. Tressider calls his name, whips out the gun, and shoots, grazing his arm. The hotel manager rushes over to help him, but he says he's okay, and tells him not to inform police, since his friend pulls stunts like that. He says he's going to walk him around the block to sober him up, and he guides Tressider out of the hotel and around the corner.

He stops to examine his arm, declaring it a flesh wound. Tressider says he doesn't know what happened. David tells him he had a gun and shot him, which Tressider says he remembers doing, but that he didn't want to.

Scary business when the Invaders are operating at high levels of government globally, and the aliens are now threatening to destroy all humans with radiation poisoning, though it would appear they've inexplicably offered a remedy to a peace loving, unnamed Scandinavian nation. Fortunately, the aliens did not take into account that Tressider is not a skilled marksman, and they have now put David Vincent and Tressider on high alert, confirming for them that they're on the right track. It was totally random, but very cool to have aliens meeting at a pseudo-hippie love club/gallery. It certainly feels like things have kicked up a notch with a stellar cast on hand this week, to heighten the gravity of the situation. 

Act II

Tressider and David Vincent check into a cheap motel to evade Invader surveillance. David turns on the 8 o'clock newscast to see Halvorsen's news conference. Tressider can't believe Halvorsen would be dealing with aliens, and David claims that old men do strange things. During the conference, Halvorsen informs the public that radiation is climbing to an almost fatal level. David notes that the man behind him was the one he saw at the art gallery with the alien Lieutenant, and Tressider tells him it's Halvorsen's chief aide, Chancellor Alquist.

Halvorsen goes on to describe an anti-radioactivity pollutant, called AR-5, which nullifies the toxins in the poisoned air. He announces that there will be a demonstration the following week of AR-5, and that they will discuss how it will be distributed throughout all regions on Earth at that time. 

Tressider asks Vincent if he's sure he saw Alquist with an alien, which David confirms. He wonders if Halvorsen knows Alquist is an alien. Tressider says he knows Halvorsen is lying about the AR-5, since there's no possible way his small, poor country could have the technology to come up with such a solution. David asks why, and Tressider surmises it could be so they don't worry about the rising levels of radioactivity until it's too late. David counters with the argument that the aliens don't want to take over a planet that's contaminated with radioactivity, and Tressider suggests they may have learned to live with it. David believes they may have something else in mind and tells Tressider to make sure they're at the Summit Conference. Tressider calls General Blaine to try and make that happen. 

Halvorsen asks his friend, Secretary Rosmundson, if he has reason to believe the aliens have lied to them. He says he doesn't, and Halvorsen asks him to have faith in him as Alquist enters. Halvorsen tells him that Rosmundson is having doubts and Alquist dismisses his fears by stating, "They say that courage retreats before the onslaught of old age." The Secretary leaves and Alquist warns that he may try to interfere with the Conference.

Gen. Blaine is annoyed to be meeting with David and Tressider in the middle of the night about an alleged conspiracy. Tressider says that both he and David were targeted and he's only asking the small favor of being assigned to the President's conference mission. Blaine says he can't do it, but when Tressider says he'll go to the President himself, he tells him he'll see what he can do.

Before he leaves, David asks his secretary, Ellie Markham, if she knows the name of the officer who was in her office earlier. She claims she doesn't know who he is, despite the fact that they were quite friendly. She says he resents his third degree and Blaine says he's out of line, that he's known Miss Markham since she was born since her dad served under him, and he'd trust her with his life. Tressider intervenes, saying that his friend can get carried away, though usually with good reason. Blaine says not this time, and leaves with Markham.

Tressider tells David his paranoia is showing. David says the aliens could have gotten the name of the hotel from her, and Tressider counters that he could have been followed. He says that suspecting friends won't get them anywhere, and David claims it's kept him alive the past two years.

Secretary Rosmundson is enjoying a nice steam when he observes a suited man locking the door to the room as the steam begins to increase. He goes to the door and begs to be let out as he is boiled alive.

Alquist is holding a late night meeting with a group of suits. When an older man enters and gives him a nod, he announces that Secretary Rosmundson has had an unfortunate accident. General Blaine enters and Alquist says he's glad he could make it as he was worried he had had some difficulty. Blaine says he had a small difficulty but reassured him it was one that could be dealt with.

Tressider and Vincent are on shaky ground now that General Blaine is added to the list of alien collaborators. They may succeed at getting an invitation to the conference if the purpose is to ensure that everyone who attends does not live to tell about it. Surely the suspicious steam room death of Halvorsen's buddy will have him questioning whether the Invaders' motives are as benevolent as they've led him to believe, though it seems it may be too late for him to do anything about it. 


David Vincent is watching the pigeons as Miss Markham surreptitiously appears. She gives him the documents assigning him to the mission and says she'd like to help. He asks her to have dinner with him and they make arrangements to meet at her apartment later in the evening. He tells her to leave  ahead of him and a man seated nearby gets up after he passes and watches her go.

He calls Alquist, who tells him to dispose of both Vincent and Tressider that evening, to prevent them from leaving. He tells him to contact Markham for assistance and says he wants to question Tressider before he's killed to make sure he hasn't talked to anyone but Blaine.

David asks why Tressider is so jumpy and he shows him the announcement in the newspaper about Rosmundson's death. David says the aliens killed him. Tressider says he was supposed to see Blaine and get briefed on the conference but says when he hears from him he's going to cancel. David asks why and Tressider says it's more than the two of them can handle. He says that it's become too dangerous and they're not going to the conference. David argues that they have to go. A phone call comes in from Blaine for Tressider. He asks what time he's sending a man to pick him up.

David arrives at Markham's apartment in a cheerful mood. She offers him a drink and he helps himself to a cigarette from her case. They make lighthearted talk and when she offers to slice him some lemon for his scotch and accidentally cuts herself, he sees that she does not bleed from the wound. She attempts to run away and he forces her to admit she's one of them. He holds her wrist as he makes a call to the police. She threatens to destroy herself and he hangs up the phone.

She claims she's on his side, despite the fact that they are there to take over the planet and eliminate all humans. She says that the operation her people are involved in is doomed to failure. She says it will alert the humans to the presence of aliens, who will then unite to destroy them before enough aliens have arrived to complete the takeover. She says the purpose of the conference is to kill all the leaders while they are gathered together, and that aliens are in place to take over in each country once they are all assassinated. She says she's telling him so he can help her stop them because she doesn't believe it will be as easy as they think. He asks if Halvorsen is part of it and she says he's not, and that he's just being used. David says he has no reason to believe her, and she says her assignment was to kill him, and that Tressider is also going to be killed. He asks if Blaine is one of theirs and demands to know where they're taking Tressider. She says she doesn't know. He calls Tressider.

Tressider is about to leave when he hears the phone ringing. He goes back in, but David hangs up before he can answer. He goes outside and gets into a car with another officer, and the alien assassin drives them away.

So, what is taking the aliens so long to amass on Earth to have a sufficient number to easily take over the planet? I suppose they are not known for their careful planning, which may be more evidence for the cause of their dying planet. We are geared up to find out if David can save Tressider from his encounter with Alquist in the last Act. It doesn't look good for Mike Tressider.

Act IV

Tressider becomes suspicious about where he's being taken. He takes a good look at the alien driver and asks them to stop the car, and the officer next to him points a gun at the side of his head.

Markham is on the phone attempting to contact General Blaine. She gets directions to an old factory in Virginia. David looks suspicious and she provides him with a gun to gain his trust. He takes it and they leave together.

Tressider is escorted to an abandoned factory where Blaine awaits with two green suited aliens. Tressider accuses him of selling out, who says they all sell out. Tressider says he didn't sell out his country and everything he believed in. Blaine says he believes in strength and power. Tressider accuses him of treason and Blaine slaps him. He says he guessed he was working with them and told the President about him and Alquist, and that the CIA is on the move. Blaine says he's bluffing and Tressider asks if he's sure. He says they'll know for sure when Alquist arrives. Alquist appears at the door.

David and Markam are on their way to the factory.

Alquist uses a truth telling crystal on Blaine to find out if he really informed the President. Tressider knocks the crystal from his hand and it shatters on the floor. The aliens attempt to punch the truth out of him.

David and Markham finally arrive and he asks if she is going to signal her co-conspirators. She tells him there is no trap and that he's going to have to go in alone to rescue his friend. He makes his way toward the factory.

Alquist and the aliens lead Tressider to another room where he is placed in a tube and threatened with shock treatment. The green suits turn on the voltage, but Tressider refuses to cooperate. David hears the hum of electricity outside the building and enters the building.

Alquist asks if Tressider has anything to say, who only screams in agony. Alquist says they will increase the voltage, and Blaine says any more will kill him. Alquist says they will reward his stupidity by putting an end to his anguish.

David breaks into the room and shoots the alien assassin who glows and disintegrates. He goes back out and shoots the green suited aliens as they approach the door, causing the equipment behind them to ignite. Blaine ends up besting him, but David is able to knock the gun from his hands, eventually knocking him into the panel and electrocuting him. He gets Tressider out of the tube and they escape the burning building.

Markham drives up and they get in the car and take off.

It's never a bad thing to end Act IV with fiery explosions. Did the Invaders repurpose their regenerating tubes to enable shock therapy? It might suggest they were using that technique often on humans. General Blaine had an almost comical yoga pose electrocution, befitting a traitor. 


Markham says they've got to get to the conference. David says not to worry and Tressider passes out. David asks her what she's going to do and she says she'll see him at the conference. He asks if they're still working together. David tells her that he wants to see all of them off the face of the Earth, and she acknowledges that if it comes down to it, she may have to destroy him. He says they're playing by the same set of rules.

A summit conference to be attended by the heads of this world's major nations. But beings from another world will be there too; and their purpose will jeopardize the security and the future of the planet Earth.

Ford Rainey as General Blaine
Martine West as Lieutenant
Ian Wolfe as Rosmundson

Ben Wright
Peter Hobbs
Ross Elliott
Vic Perrin
William Boyett
Don Lamond
Victoria Hale
Dave Armstrong

Director of Photography:
 Andrew J. McIntyre

Invaders theme by:
Dominic Frontiere

It seems the Invaders have set themselves up nicely to begin their takeover of Earth, if not for the interference of a meddling female alien who wants to help David Vincent disrupt the plan because she doesn't have faith it will be successful. I wonder if that's why they left most of the female aliens back on their dying planet, or tend to vaporize them when they have the chance.  

Though we don't have much reason to believe that the aliens will be successful in their takeover, it's possible that world leaders could finally be made aware of the presence of aliens and their intention to conquer the planet. Once again, Michael Rennie helps to elevate the pinky rating on this episode.

Be sure to tune in for Summit Meeting: Part II to find out how David Vincent will foil the Invaders' latest greatest plot to takeover the Earth!

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